The Best Refractive Surgery Links for Patients
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1   Link   DoctorMyEye
The internet is full of websites that are owned by laser companies, clinics and LASIK providers that will tell you all about the good cases and sell you on the “joys” of LASIK. We will leave the pro-arguments to the salesmen. We are here to talk abou
2   Link   Eurotimes
The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons evolved from the European Intraocular Implant Club which was established in 1981. The Society is administered by the ESCRS Board, a Board of Ophthalmologists elected by its members. The ESCRS s
3   Link   FDA's Lasik Website
Generally informative but falls short of adequately warning prospective patients.
4   Link   FlawedLasik
My story and other information (was added due to name of previously owned website).
5   Link   Global Keratoconus Support Group
Their mission statement states - "Our mission is to reduce kc related corneal transplants to zero through education."
6   Link   icare4u
icare4u.com is designed for educational purposes only, not for diagnosis or treatment of disorders.
7   Link   International Myopia Prevention Association
The International Myopia Prevention Association (IMPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children save their vision.
8   Link   KathyGriffin
Kathy's site depicting her experience with Dr. Robert Maloney (Maloney Vision Institute and Extreme Makeover).
9   Link   Keratoconus Support
KC Support is a Keratoconus website resource and family support group for parents, children and adults, whose lives have been affected by Keratoconus.
10   Link   LaserMyEye
We are here to educate consumers, to promote improvements to laser eye surgery standards, and most of all assist those who are struggling with complications and adverse effects.
11   Link   LasikComplications
The information contained on this web site is presented for the purpose of warning people about LASIK complications prior to surgery.
12   Link   LasikDisaster
The LASIK experience of Sandy Keller, and what she has found regarding the LASIK industry.
13   Link   LasikEyeSurgeryWebsite
If you are researching LASIK eye surgery, my hope is to provide you with information you need to make a truly informed consent to the surgery, fully understanding all of the risks to your vision.
14   Link   LasikFDA
Exposes deceit, corruption, and collusion by the FDA and the LASIK industry.
15   Link   Lasik-Flap.com
Vision related Forum includes much needed information for those considering LASIK!
16   Link   LasikFraud
Brent Hanson's personal experience and consumer information relating to the LASIK industry.
17   Link   LasikLiberty
When you go to the hospital for surgery, the instruments used are sent out for sterilization after each use. Did you know LASIK doctors RE-USE microkeratome blades from one patient to the next? Find out more at this site.
18   Link   LasikMemorial
This site is dedicated to those whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by refractive surgery.
19   Link   LasikNewsWire
LASIK news and information. Press releases, medical studies, special reports.
20   Link   LasikReport
A comprehensive review of the medical literature of LASIK. Examines medical studies which reveal the risks and long-term complications of LASIK. The report concludes that LASIK in an inherently harmful procedure and should be abandoned.
21   Link   LasikSOS
Roger Bratt's personal experience with LASIK includes studies and other useful information.
22   Link   LasikSurgeryNightmare
Because the world should know that bad LASIK surgery can ruin a good life, I want to warn others so they can avoid...
23   Link   LasikSurgeryWatch
A non-profit LASIK patient advocacy organization, launched in 2008 by a group of LASIK patients and family members of LASIK patients to address an urgent need for improvements in quality of patient care in the practice of LASIK.
24   Link   LasikTruth
Site that was taken down by the original owner after threats from LASIK industry representatives.
25   Link   Law Offices of Todd J. Krouner
With extensive experience and diversity in the practice of personal injury and LASIK malpractice, the Law Office of Todd J. Krouner successfully litigated one of the highest LASIK settlement awards to date.
26   Link   LifeAfterLasik
"Post Lasik" patients (some of us are Doctors, Lawyers, Business Professionals, & Regular Blue Collar Workers) got together & created this website to better inform everyone all over the world about the dangers that every Lasik procedure has on every
27   Link   MyLasikStory.com
Chronicle of John Hoge's personal experience with his LASIK surgery.
28   Link   RefractiveSource
Refractive Source™ provides information on refractive surgery to help patients make informed decisions and eye doctors render appropriate care. Created by Brian Chou, O.D., F.A.A.O., a San Diego optometrist, Refractive Source™ refuses any funding th
29   Link   The Vision Community
One of the largest scleral lens practices in the U.S. For severely
traumatized corneas, scleral lenses are often the only medical device
that will work to provide comfort and vision.
30   Link   TLCBigSkyLaserCenter
If you are considering Laser Eye surgery with TLC please read on and find out how I was treated after TLC impaired my vision for life!
31   Link   Trusted LASIK Surgeons
A new and growing network of Refractive Surgeons dedicated to providing quality care for all refractive needs. Don't settle for no-frills. This network of doctors offers top-notch, world renowned surgeons!
32   Link   UpdegraffLasik
Created by LASIK patient who experienced a life-altering bad outcome, and now doesn't feel LASIK should be advertised without disclosing contraindications, risks, and warnings. The patient built this website in protest to the heavy advertising of Ste
33   Link   VisionCommunity Forum
Eye Related Vision Forum
34   Link   VisionForensics
We prepare simulations for use in the courtroom. Please call for free consultation.
35   Link   VisionSimulations
Our purpose is to help individuals with normal vision understand the visual aberrations that accompany eye injury, various eye diseases and conditions (e.g. Floaters and Keratoconus), and the complications of refractive surgery (i.e., LASIK, LASEK, P
36   Link   VisionSurgeryRehab
VSRN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitation of vision surgery complications and patient advocacy.