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State health officials investigating doctor who closed shop, left town


(Editor's Note: Valley Medical Center was misidentified in earlier versions of this article.)

State health officials are investigating the owner of a Renton laser eye surgery center after he unexpectedly left town and closed his business more than a month ago.

Dr. Christopher Phillips, owner of Lomas Eye Care Center, shut the doors on his clinic Feb. 29 after telling staff members that they were no longer needed, health officials and former Lomas employees said.

Now, the state Health Department is investigating Phillips after complaints that he canceled appointments without notifying patients and failed to forward medical information to other providers.

Founded by Dr. Richard Lomas, the business, near Valley Medical Center, was one of a few centers in the Seattle area providing laser eye surgery. But the center also served patients looking for conventional care, such as cataract treatments and basic eye exams.

Health Department spokesman Donn Moyer said Phillips wasn't under investigation prior to closing the clinic. But that's changed since the closure.

"As a result of the current situation, we have gotten some complaints," Moyer said. He declined to say what complaints have been made.

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Ophthalmology is in a time of seeming betrayal of its professionalism. There is a great and successful effort by a noisy and prominent group of physicians to cherry-pick their professional status. They want the admiration, status, and money that the profession delivers, but they do not want to meet and adhere to the obligations as well.


It's good to be a doctor when medicine offers a prestigious title, six-figure wealth, a remarkable degree of autonomy, and astounding degrees of power within offices, in hospitals, over fellow members of ancillary professions, and upon the lives and well-being of our patients.


These same "professionals" complain endlessly when society demands they respond to the needs of patients in emergency rooms, answer for the outcomes of their actions in malpractice courts and before medical boards, or justify through review the expenses they incur for third-party payers.


Like spoiled teenagers, they want all the privileges of society, but none of the obligations.


Ophthalmology has been helped and hurried upon the road to professional damnation. Courts of law have defined the practice of medicine as commerce, and prevented societies and boards from important areas of self-regulation. No standard of acceptable and professional advertising can be defined, and so the most vulgar and avaricious members of our profession set the standards our patients see in newspapers, on billboards, and on radio and television.


There can be no peer review in the present world without the danger of litigation, so we become afraid to point out the misbehavior of our fellows. Practice consultants ride into town like villainous plague-carriers, spreading the most greedy and lewd latest methods to attract patients, sell services, degrade our peers, and squeeze even more money out of our patient populations.


Throwaway journals seem devoted to making titans of the most avaricious and self-aggrandizing members of our profession. Each physician jostles forward, trying to be the loudest rooster to crow its own glory.


From "My 100,000-thousand-dollar day," to "My newest instrument named after me," to "How I see 200 patients a day" to the "My surgical institute," to "Two-minute surgeries," to the "Newest and greatest and best machine/medicine (that I have stock in) in the world," to "How I advertised and billed my way to my first million dollars!"


The parade of hucksters and snake-oil dealers is seemingly endless. Please understand, I don't envy you your wealth and fame. I merely despise the fact that people might mistake me for your peer.


Yet the fact is, like scum on water, this population of villains comprises only a tiny, yet exceedingly overexposed percentage of our profession. Thousands of honest, ethical, and well-intentioned ophthalmologists toil admirably on, in anonymous splendor.

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These are comments that refractive surgery patients are hearing from their "doctors".  It's no wonder patients are angry and frustrated, and that LASIK litigation is a rising tide.


"Are you constantly comparing both eyes?"

"We don't treat pain."

"From a pure visual acuity stand point, your results are outstanding".

"My recommendation is to give it time as many of these symptoms may resolve".

"You can read 1 letter on the 20/20 line and guess 2 others, that means you're 20/20"

"Remember, you SAID you had halo's BEFORE surgery!"

"I told you that this was ELECTIVE surgery, there's no medical reason to have had it, after all, glasses and contacts have worked perfectly for years...."

"Yes, you still need glasses AFTER LASIK, but now they are much thinner, and more stylish...."

"Of course, you KNOW you had SUPER-HUMAN vision before LASIK with your glasses. There's no way LASIK can duplicate THAT......"

"That MUST have been a condition you had BEFORE LASIK. You just never noticed that you had it!"

"You're the first patient I've had out of the 5,000 I've done that's had ANY problems at all!"

"You're just going to have to drive carefully. You know, there are a lot of one-eyed drivers out there."

"Well, those are the breaks."

"Don't ever let anyone else ever touch your eyes again!"

"I'm sorry I can't help you!"

"What exactly do you want me to do for you?"

"I don't have any magic for you. It's not like we can grab a pencil and erase the scars"

Surgeon, frowning over a 20/50 refraction: "I know I CALCULATED it for 20/20."

"Are you always this emotional?"

"We have no idea what your vision will be 1 year post-op."

"Well, it's like this: The operation was a success, but the patient died."

"If I looked up complication in the dictionary, your name would be there."

"I want you to go home and meditate each night that you LIKE your glasses" (After LASIK regression.)

"Headaches? You should see a neurologist."

"It's like I tell my kids, focus on what you can do (SEE), not what you can't."

"Only second to you, did I want your surgery to be a success!"

"We just need a tincture of time."

"We will have to wait for technology to catch up with YOUR problems."
"We have had only one other patient with your complications."

"We have improved our standards of care since your surgery. Oh! We have TWO new lasers now, would you like to SEE them?"

"Just look at the things that you can focus on."

"You're really doing great considering what you've been through."

"So, are you glad you had LASIK?" (After losing vision in one eye)

"You're just very visually aware".

"I like second opinions. Not that it's a matter of ego, but they just confirm what I already know."

"Things might have turned out a lot differently for you if I'd lifted the flap and irrigated.....(he added some other things he could have tried)....Bummer, huh?"

"I feel sorry for you"

"If you wait a few years there will be other options for you"

"We can do more RK surgery" (like I need any more incisions cut into my corneas)

"This is the best we can do for you"

"Too bad you didn't wait for LASIK"

"You and I are seeing each other so much, we might as well be married."

"We've run out of options with you contact lenses"

"Your eyes is great, I dont know why you are saying that you can not see well"

"Go home and enjoy your vision- don't come to my clinic again-everything is ok with you"

"Wait a year or two....we will have a good option for reducing double images and GASH"

"That's what you are saying, that you can not drive at night.....I am not sure it is true"

"I had to quit RK, because previous patients kept bringing lawyers with them for checkups."

"I wouldn't go to him for a second opinion, I wouldn't let him operate on my dog".

"I'll get things right for you no matter what it takes." Said after PRK and A/K, "Now, we could do Lasik and even R/K. I promise to stand by you, and won't quit until you have good vision".

After my A/K enhancement, which was promised to solve my problems......... "Sure HOPE that does it for ya"!

"My policy is no refunds. We get it right no matter how many surgeries it takes!!! Eventually, something will work!"

"I don't know why you are unhappy - I have patients with 5 diopters of astigmatism."

"A blind man would kill you for your vision."

"As you grow older your pupil will shrink and you won't notice the scars".

"You were -9 and -10 diopters. Now you don't have to wear contacts... you've got to look at the total picture..."

"Well you weren't expecting to see that great........were you?"

"YOU'RE the one who signed the consent form."

"Just try not to notice the ghosts."

"Your brain just has to get used to seeing this way."

"Just drive around with your dome light on or have someone else drive."

"I just advised a guy with pupils your size to not have Lasik based on your experience."

"At your age you would have developed dry eyes anyway."

"Your left eye is just 'in sympathy' with your right...you're trying too hard to see and fuzzing things up!"

"Sometimes we can't get all the epithelial ingrowth out." (First time I'd heard that one.)

"Your left flap looks great; not sure why you think you're having dim light, night time/ starbursting problems. I don't see anything."

Me: What is happening to me? Why are the starbursts getting larger?
Surgeon: Give it time, you're "micro-healing".

"I don't feel sorry for you. I have many, many patients who are far worse off than you."

"Car manufacturers seem to be making headlights brighter these days. We have alot of patients complaining about that. They think it has something to do with the surgery, but it's the headlights."

"What I ASKED you to do was to say if you like 'one' or 'two' better! All you have to do is SAY 'one,' or 'two'!
Those are the ONLY right answers! Anything else is JUST WASTING TIME!"

"Now you told me earlier the glasses over that contact seemed better. You're not telling me the truth now!"

'There is no way the laser caused your floaters. Everybody has them they just don't know it. As a matter of fact, I know of this older gentleman who happens to be a trap shooter and, well it's quite funny, his grandchildren makes fun of him when he shoots at imaginary targets, ha ha ha ha'

"Your visual needs must be very high."

"I'm so sorry. This is not what we like to see after LASIK. Your eye must scare the heck out of LASIK surgeons."

"Be glad you're not blind"

"Hang in there."

"You SHOULD be able to see this!!"


And from Dr. Herbert Nevyas, told to me in July 1999 (as I stated in depositions):

"Deal with it...People lose their sight every day...I'll see you in 8 months"

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Go to just about every LASIK website and read the testimonials from people who are "happy and content" with their "great LASIK experience". What you won't find or hear about are the procedures that went wrong, or the number of lawsuits:

Major LASIK chains such as LCA Vision's LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) and LASIK Plus, TLC Laser Eye Centers (and doctors associated with these companies). There are MANY names to add (listed below are a few), Your best bet would be to check your with local or federal courts.

Disclaimer: I do not purport the doctors named to be unsavory, unscrupulous, or otherwise. It is not my intention to slander, defame, cause libel, or otherwise. Doctors are people...PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT!

Click the Read More links to view additional information for each doctor listed
Dr. R. David Allara PDF Print E-mail

Charleston, West Virginia

Dr. R. David Allara faces federal drug charges. Agreement allows Allara to apply for reinstatement of license provided he completes in-patient rehabilitation and does not pose a risk to himself or patients. Of course, didn't he pose a risk before he got caught? Kind of makes you wonder...

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Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano, Texas

Texas LASIK Doctors - Know Thy Competitor

Dallas-Ft. Worth Area Refractive Surgeons,

Have you found disparaging remarks about you on websites other than those by refractive surgery patients? I remember lasik-eyesurgery-lawsuits.com, a website set up several years ago listing all of Dr. Boothe's competitors' lawsuits. This website has since been removed, howevever, it has been archived but will not be available here.

Ever wonder why your page ranks on search engines are lower than what you expected?

Take notice on whose ranks are tops on those search engines:

Spammer makes threats to shut down site

Copied with permission from DoctorScoreCard.com (phone numbers have been edited out)

A man identifying himself as "Jim Rickson" has demanded that I shut down the website. He threatened that if I did not do as he demanded, he would retaliate. This blog will document what he has done, who he is, and what doctor he appears to be working for.

Disclaimer: I cannot prove any of this... yet, so for now it is an educated guess.

My educated guess

I suspect that Dr. William A. Boothe, an eye surgeon in Plano, Texas specializing in LASIK has employed the services of "Jim Rickson" to do whatever he can to delete comments posted at DoctorScorecard. If not Dr. Boothe himself, then someone very close to him has employed the services of spammers.

Here is a sample comment an anonymous patient posted about Dr. Boothe:

Now I can't see near or far....everything is blurry and I can read up close ONE WORD AT A TIME....don't ask me to read a sentence or a street sign.

the office tried to rush me into doing the second eye before the first healed...Then I would be almost blind in both eyes and unable to work


Page 2 - Dr. William A. Boothe's Lawsuits/Civil Matters
Page 3 - Texas Medical Board Information for Dr. William A. Boothe
Page 4 - Boothe v. Hanson
Page 5 - Dr. William A. Boothe, Rated

Dr. Nicholas Caro PDF Print E-mail

Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Nick Caro's attempt to sue a former patient for $2Mil FAILED!

Dean Kantis explains his story at http://www.lifeafterlasik.com/.

Case Dismissed!!

Nick Caro, MD  & Saint George Vision Laser SIEZED!

In addition to Dean, There have been 50+ lawsuits filed against Dr. Caro. Please note that although some or most of these cases may have been dismissed for ‘lack of merit’, or withdrawn, the fact these cases were filed in the first place warrants some questioning of one's professional ability (?). The state of Illinois seems to think so...

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo PDF Print E-mail

Bergenfield, New Jersey & New York/Brooklyn, New York

Dello Russo Attacks...

On April 20th, 2007, I received an email from my hosting company stating my website was shut down for the following complaint filed by an attorney representing Dello Russo:


We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The specific items in question are as follows:

The party making the complaint (Joel G. MacMull, Esq., Staff Legal Consultant, INC Business Lawyers, Suite 203 -1544 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1H8, Tel: (604) 272 -6960, Direct: (604) 913-8383, Fax: (604) 272-6959, Website: http://www.incorporate.ca/ - on behalf of Dr. Joseph Dello Russo), claims under penalty of perjury to be or represent the copyright owner of these works. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(c), we have removed access to the files in question.


Note: Due to the database-intensive nature of your site, we had to disable it in its entirety. You may reinstate it once you can ensure that the content at the above URL has been removed.

The excerpts that were listed below (Click Read More link) have been removed even though the excerpt listings are no different than what any internet search engine does. The url's are still provided so that you may read the full text of the comments made for each category. Might I recommend spell checker for the good doctor...

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld PDF Print E-mail

Garden City, NY 

Malpractice Verdict Returned against 2005 Surgeon of the Year

Three million dollar malpractice verdict returned against 2005 Cataract and Refractive Surgeon of the Year in Nassau County, New York under index Number 8476/2002.
Dr. Glenn Kawesch PDF Print E-mail

Los Angeles/San Diego, California

My condolences to the Kawesch family on the passing of Dr. Kawesch however these lawsuits still happened.

The following MEDICAL MALPRACTICE/NEGLIGENCE lawsuits (OVER 40!) against Dr. Kawesch (GLENN A, KAWESCH  MD, SOUTHWEST EYE CARE CENTERS, SOUTHWEST EYE CENTER INC, KAWESCH LASIK CENTER) are docketed with the San Diego Courts, and are a matter of public record. The docket numbers, dates (past to present), and parties are listed with a link to the court docket or pdf.

Please note that although some or most of these cases may have been dismissed for ‘lack of merit’, or withdrawn, the fact remains these cases were filed.


LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) PDF Print E-mail

Nationwide (US)


Dr. Robert Maloney PDF Print E-mail

Los Angeles, California


Dr. Eric R. Mandel PDF Print E-mail

New York, NY /  White Plains, NY

Drs. Herbert Nevyas & Anita Nevyas-Wallace PDF Print E-mail

Bala Cynwyd, PA / Philadelphia, PA / Marlton, NJ

My experience with Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace (Nevyas Eye Associates), information regarding their investigational study, and the legal battle to retain my free speech rights.


Dr. Stephen Orlin PDF Print E-mail

Philadelphia, PA

note: Dr. Orlin was expert witness for the Nevyases in several of his lawsuits. Below are his opinions in my lawsuit and transcript of video testimony in the Wills v Nevyas lawsuit. Dr. Orlin is a LASIK doctor, not affiliated with Nevyas Eye Associates.

Dr. Mark Speaker PDF Print E-mail

New York, NY

Dr. Speaker has had to pay the highest LASIK litigation verdict to date.

More Doctors and stories PDF Print E-mail

To LASIK or not

TLC LASIK Malpractice

Elvira Galindo's story


I believe there are THOUSANDS of LASIK litigation cases that you should be aware of. If your court has public docket access, please contact me with a link and the doctor's name.

The Gift of Glasses Leads To More Glasses!