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Metro Optics Gains FDA Clearance for a New Post Surgical Soft Lens Design

Austin, TX, August 19, 2008 - Metro Optics new soft contact lens, RevitalEyes, has been given
clearance by the FDA for post refractive surgery vision correction. RevitalEyes has been highly
effective in clinical case studies, providing exceptional visual acuity to patients with unsatisfactory
refractive surgery results. RevitalEyes is manufactured in GMA/HEMA (Hioxifilcon B) 49% water
content material and is fit diagnostically. The diagnostic kit consists of three diagnostic lenses and a
simple four step fitting procedure. Metro Optics custom manufactures each RevitalEyes lens to the
patientÂ’s exact spherical, cylinder, and axis prescription and the diagnostic lenses are replenished free
of charge with each use. Metro Optics is a privately held company which manufactures both GP and
soft contact lenses out of its Austin, Texas facility. Metro Optics has been in business for over 35 years.

To see if the RevitalEyes Lens is right for you, please contact your optometrist.