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Human Geneticist and Biochemist Lauranell Burch has filed a petition with the FDA to ban LASIK. If you have complications from LASIK, you will want to comment. Be sure to include any deception in how LASIK was sold to you, inadequacy of informed consent, denial of your problems by your surgeon and second opinion surgeon, your vision immediately after your surgery and your vision now, and any feelings of depression and suicidal ideation, since these are common in patients with severe complications. You can comment here.

Due to enormous public outcry, the FDA is at last formally receiving general comments on LASIK here.

NOTICE:The FDA is currently assisting the LASIK industry in its medical coverup by censoring many patient comments to the petition, in clear violation of Federal Law. If you do not see your comment reflected, you now know why.

I submitted a response to the petition, as well as comment at another page on the FDA's site the beginning of September (08), to which nothing was posted. I called the FDA to inquire and was told "no individual consumer's response will be posted". In other words, unless you're part of the industry, you have no say! Poor excuses for censorship...