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"Dry eye occurs when people don’t have either enough tears, or the correct composition of tears, on the surface of their eyes to lubricate the eyes and keep them comfortable.”. . .“If you have dry eye, your eyes can feel persistently gritty, itchy, burning, and painful.”


Take the dry eye test.  Let's mention some, not all, of just the dry eye problems that may effect these hundreds of  thousands+ of people.  Notice these end in dysfunction or "itis" meaning "Inflammation or disease of" and "Excessive preoccupation with, indulgence in, reliance on, or possession of the qualities of". Blepharitis, Mebomian or Lacrimal Gland Dysfunction (mebomianitis), conjuntivitis, and kerato­con­junctivi­tis sicca.  Keratitis (Inflammation of the cornea)- Diffuse Lamelar Keratitis (DLK), Punctate Epithelial Keratitis (PEK) and superficial punctate keratitis (SPK).

It is so difficult to grasp the magnitude of the impact that I asked some others who are suffering greatly after LASIK for their comments on how to explain the degree of suffering and constantness of it better.  For additional research and a patient story on the permanent impact on Quality of Life.

There are many reasons why LASIK causes dry eye.  From reading the literature and talking with patients my estimate is that if a blade is reused for LASIK, then all patients' eyes are drier after LASIK than before, 10 to 50% of eyes are so permanently dry that they use preservative free (if they're properly informed) eye drops for the rest of their life, and that 10 to 20% of patients are so severely effected by dry eye that it dramatically changes their life forever.  Even without any eye surgery or LASIK, over 3 million people have dry eyes.  Also, most prescription medicaions cause dry eyes which means millions more people have dry eyes even before they have LASIK.

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