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Los Angeles, California


Kathy Griffin's experience with Dr. Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute

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Trial Date Set for Extreme Make-Over LASIK Surgeon Maloney

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UPDATE: Trial is scheduled for October 10, 2007

Dr. Maloney Rated (ONCE!)


"Dr. Maloney lied to me. He told me that there were no negative side effects with lasik and there was no way that the surgery could go wrong. I told him I was getting married in 3 weeks, and he said that I should do it right away and that I'd be perfectly fine. Since then, my eyes have been chronically dry and red, and burn. My vision is blurry and it's much worse than before the surgery. Maloney then gave me another surgery called an "enhancement" and made my eyes even worse. He also was inappropriate with a female doctor who works with him. He caressed her hair, rubbed her arm and whispered things in her ear -- right in front of me, a patient! He supports implanting jewels in people's eyes -- which is very dangerous and uncomfortable. For $2000 he will implant "eye jewelery into your eyeball." There are several lawsuits against him as he lies to his patients and has ruined many people's vision. He is an actor more than a doctor. google him and bad lasik and you will see what i mean."