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Charleston, West Virginia

Dr. R. David Allara faces federal drug charges. Agreement allows Allara to apply for reinstatement of license provided he completes in-patient rehabilitation and does not pose a risk to himself or patients. Of course, didn't he pose a risk before he got caught? Kind of makes you wonder...

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For the second time this year, New York attorney Todd J. Krouner has persuaded a court to permit him to amend his client’s complaint to plead punitive damages against a surgeon for LASIK malpractice. Last month, in Dew v. Allara, the West Virginia court permitted such an amendment where the doctor had voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine because of drug use.

In August 2007 per a consent order, Dr. Allara surrendered his license based on his inability to practice medicine and surgery with reasonable skill and safety due to illicit use of drugs.

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